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Little Saigon Big Bangkok

Welcome to our Thailand themed restaurant serving all the traditional snacks and dishes made by expert chefs. 

The Spirit Of Thailand

Thailand has a rich culinary tradition and among lovers of food, its cuisine is regarded as one of the world’s finest. It’s not just the food, but the Thai passion for food that people fall in love with. It’s that same spirit that drives and inspires us at LSBB and our goal is to express it with our guests, as authentically as we can.

Street Foods of Thailand

This is the best location to find your favourite street food from Thailand. Explore of authentic dish menu and get the taste and spice of traditional Thailand.


Enjoy over 50 different dishes in our Main Course to get a long term Thailand plan.


Try out our exclusive recipes made by our chefs with the perfect sauce to tang your tastebuds.


Enjoy healthy beverages with a hint of spirits whenever you want. Special fruit juices for you and for everyone.


Try our the secret homemade recipes of Candie and never forget the flavour ever again. The flavours that will stay with you forever.

What People Are Saying

Here is what people have to say about our restaurant and our service.

“Great food and the staff was helpful in serving the food the right way. I had an amazing time with my family, and I will come back for more.”
Tom J. Wilson
“I was surprised with most of the traditional Thailand dishes tasting the same as how I tried them in Thailand. Great flavours.”
Betty A. Westmoreland
“Great service and quality food for anyone who wants to spend their weekend trying out some unexplored delicious dishes.”
Danny J. King

Let's Eat

Order from your nearest Thailand food outlet and enjoy your favourite dishes delivered at home. 

Best Thai Foods You Should Try

Here are some recommended items from our menu that you can try out.

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

Hot shrimp soup with green vegetables and a thick broth to keep you warm.

Tom Kha Kai (Thai Chicken Coconut Soup)

Special ingredient coconut makes your regular chicken soup even more delicious.

Pad Thai (Thai-Style Fried Noodles)

Hand-tossed friend noodles with green vegetables and secret sauces.

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