Saigon to Bangkok :A streetfood story  

All good food tells a story about  the way it was produced and about the people and places responsible for creating it.  The street food cuisines of Asia tell some of the most deliciously entertaining stories anywhere, and our goal at Little Saigon Big Bangkok is to share the very best of them with you.



April calendar

Wednesday, April 9:  Outdoors closed for private party

Thursday, April 16th: Closed for Easter

Friday, April 17th : Closed for Easter

Saturday, April 18th: Re-open for lunch at 12 noon



LSBB Foodtruck is mobile  

Somebody finally had to start the food trucks rolling in cebu. After departing the Guadalupe area 8 months ago, we are back, but this time on four wheels.

About the truck

LSBB ONE is live  

March 2014: LSBB ONE is a new concept we’ve designed to allow diners to explore, in great depth, a single culinary theme or idea. These themes might be a small set of dishes that represent a particular region, anywhere in Asia today, or at any point in time. It might be the same dish prepared in several revealing styles or even a single masterpiece of a dish done perfectly. There are endless possibilities, all of them unique, and all of them exciting.

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Now playing at LSBB One: The Asian Corn tortilla story never told  

Corn came to Europe and Asia from the new world on board Spanish galleons, but something was missing. Corn and all of its many products never reached the same lofty culinary heights it had for centuries scaled throughout  the Americas.