Asian Seafood

The Most Popular Asian Seafood Dishes

Seafood is a popular cuisine, especially in the Southeastern regions. The variety of dishes and the traditional recipes can take you on a wonderful trip of seafood when you are in Asia. In this list, we will cover the most popular Asian seafood dishes.


Mentaiko is a marinated cod roe which is popular in Japan and South Korea. It may look like a plain roe which is called Tarako, but it is just a marinated version with salt and chilli peppers. It is served with Sasami Yakitori which adds a lot more spice to the recipe.


Surimi means ground means in Japanese. This dish is made by grinding the meat of a cleaned fish to a smooth paste and treated with cryoprotectants before freezing. It does not have any scent and only has a creamy white colour to distinguish.


Unagi is another Japanese dish referring to the freshwater eel. This dis is eaten in the form of fillets which care grilled to remove any harmful toxins. The fillets are applied with sweet and spicy sauces made by homes and restaurants.


Ikura is the round and transparent salmon eggs which is very popular in Japan for its health benefits. The eggs are removed from the sack which gives individual plump orbs. The eggs go through a curing process of salt and brine before it is served. Compliments Champagne or Vouvray.


Fugu is the pufferfish which is known for its poisonous parts that contain tetrodotoxin. It is found in its liver, eyes, skin, and ovaries. The chefs take special training and get a license from the local government to serve Fugu at the restaurants. People do like the little numbing sensation that the toxins product so they sometimes request to be served some toxic organs.


Shrimp paste

This is not a meal, but it is a great recipe to try out if you are looking for the alternatives for some extra ingredient in your recipes. Shrimp paste is known as an ancient ingredient that is made from ground fermented shrimp. It is mixed with salt and spices for different flavours. It is one recipe that crosses borders and is popular in many countries.



Katsuobushi is one of the essential ingredients used in Japanese cuisine, which are dried, fermented, and wood smokes tuna. They are now available in packets in stores, but Katsuobushi is an ancient ingredient. The production of katsuobushi is time-consuming and complex, which makes it a little expensive. For a tourist, it is definitely something they should try.


Kamaboko is the colourful Japanese fish cakes which are made with white seawater fish meat Surimi. It is formed into a loaf-like patty and steamed on the wooden boards until they are ready. This dish is enjoyed with several different sauces and noodles.

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